When Brian Dolby was just 6 years old he began working with his grandfather cutting meat and helping butcher during the summer time in Mill City, Oregon. In 1991 Brian married Tanya and continued working with his family at their small family owned butcher shop. In 2011 Brian and Tanya opened their own meat market H & K Meat’s in Jefferson, Oregon. Brian has been butchering and making smoked meats for over 25 years and continues to learn and share his information. From the beginning it has always been a family owned operation, with Brian at the helm and Tanya taking care of office duties along with running a household and raising four children: Kayla, Trevor, Rachel, and Grant. Brian and Tanya have been members of the North West Meat Processors association since 1991. Brian has also been a president and is currently on the board of directors for the association.

Today Brian and Tanya’s children all help out at the shop from time to time. With Kayla running the office most days it gives Tanya the ability to work from home and be with the younger kids, especially during the summer. Trevor and Rachel are a big help when packaging meat on the weekends when they are not in school and Grant also likes to come in and help his dad make sausage and clean-up.

H & K Meat’s uses only the freshest, highest quality, natural Beef and Pork products available. We make over 40 types of hand crafted sausage, beef, pork, and chicken cuts, and smoked meats. Whether you want a high quality cut of meat for your own recipe or you want to try some of our ready to eat items, H & K Meat’s professional staff can help. Contact us today at 503-378-1711 for more information!

Grand Champion Boneless Ham- 2013
Grand Champion Fresh Link Sausage (Bratwurst)- 2013, 2014
Grand Champion Fresh Bulk Sausage (Hot Pork Breakfast Sausage)-2013 
Grand Champion Snack Stick (Jalapeno and Cheese)- 2013
Grand Champion Smoked Turkey- 2013, 2014
Reserve Grand Champion Summer Sausage (Northwest Best)- 2013
Reserve Grand Champion Bacon (Regular Bacon)- 2013, 2014
Grand Champion Summer Sausage (Northwest Best)- 2014, 2015
Reserve Grand Champion Smoked Sausage (German)- 2014
Reserve Grand Champion Fresh Bulk Sausage (Hot Pork Breakfast Sausage) -2014, 2015
Champion Boneless Ham- 2014
Champion Snack Stick (Santa Fe)- 2014
Champion Fermented Summer Sausage (Fermented)- 2014 
Reserve Grand Champion Snack Stick (Santa Fe)- 2015
All Around Champion Northwest Meat Processors- 2013